Wells Horton (wells-horton)

Home is in central upstate New York. Latest project is Photo a Day. Share a photo everyday which was taken on that day. It is pushing me to take a second look at things. Landscapes, waterfalls, friends, and family are my photographic challenges. Photography is a passion since all to long ago in high school. For most of my working life large format photography was my goal, yet the past 12 years in digital photography has me thinking differently. Learning and growing with a camera.
Wells Horton
Sherburne, NY
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  • April 22

    Out to Lost Pond Falls in the Brookfield State Lands. There is more green everyday. Spring!

  • April 21

    Hay Wagon at Dawn. Even with a topo map you never know what will be over the next hill.

  • April 19

    Looking up while walking in the Brookfield State Lands.

  • April 18

    Hunts Pond after sunset near New Berlin, NY

  • April 16

    My first venture to the outlet falls to Lost Pond this year. Near Lost Pond in the Brookfield State Lands

  • April 15

    Back to some landscapes. Temperature was 60 this morning when I took this. A cold front move in and now it's just above freezing with snowfall starting in the late afternoon. Spring in upstate New York!

  • April 7

    Golden Eagle. Not a great photo, yet it's the first golden eagle I've photographed.

  • April 6


  • April 3

    Redtail on the prowlf

  • April 2

    The ponds in my area are just starting to open up. This one opened up today. It's about a mile from my house. The other four ponds between my home and this pond are all still frozen solid.

  • March 31

    A first to photograph for me

  • March 30

    Snow Geese

  • March 27

    March 27 - Great Blue Heron. I was on my quest to photograph a large flock of snow geese taking off, but the flock was again in the middle of Cayuga Lake and the photo opt was not there. I did see tundra swans, 1 sand hill crane, 1 northern harrier, 5 bald eagles, among others.

  • March 26

    Winter is still hanging on in central New York State. It was windy and in the 20s when I photographed this great blue heron.

  • March 17

    While waiting for the sun to set I was staying warm in my car and I looked away from the sun. This is what I saw and photographed. I am in the drivers seat and part of the shadow is me. Is this a selfie?

  • March 17

    Sunset from Web Road in Sherburne, NY

  • March 16

    Ruffed Grouse in central NY

  • March 15

    Redtail Hawk hunting from a line.

  • March 14

    Quaker Hill Cemetery, Brookfield, NY

  • March 13

    Sangerfield River between Earlville and Hubbardsville

  • March 11

    Early signs of spring in upstate New York where the ground starts to show in spots. Brookfield, NY

  • February 24

    Tybee Island Lighthouse, Tybee Island, Georgia

  • March 6

    My backyard

  • February 22

    Little Tybee Island, GA

  • February 21

    Tybee Island, GA - Low tide

  • February 20

    Deserted Beaches on Ocracoke Island, NC

  • February 19

    Pea Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina

  • February 18

    Corolla, about 20 miles north of Kitty Hawk on the Outer Banks. This is at the southern end of where there are wild horses. The herd is managed annually, yet the horses roam free over roughly a 15 mile section all the way to the Virginia boarder.

  • February 13

    Sodus Point Lighthouse on Lake Ontario

  • February 11

    Went out to catch the setting sun and twilight. The clouds rolled in at the wrong time. It cleared up afterwards so here is tonight's moon.

  • February 10

    Sangerfield River in Poolville, NY after sunset tonight.

  • February 9

    The Chenango River again. This is about a mile upstream from yesterday's photograph.

  • February 8

    Cold this morning. At my place it was 10 below. Much warmer here mid morning in the river valley. Chenango River near North Norwich, NY

  • February 7

    Near the Earlville State Lands

  • February 6

    Barn in Otsego County

  • February 5

    Chenango River between Earlville and Sherburne, NY

  • February 4

    Barn on Cheeseboro Road, Brookfield, NY

  • February 3

    Immature bald eagle. There are so many around this winter.

  • February 2

    Just at the end of my road a bit over a mile away.

  • January 30

    End of the day in Sherburne, NY

  • January 29

    Oswego Harbor Lighthouse on Lake Ontario. It was snowing out on the lake, thus the dark background.

  • January 28


  • January 26

    Fun at the Rogers Environmental Education Center's annual Winter Living Celebration. Rogers is now run by The Friends of Rogers since the State pulled out at end of 2010.

  • January 25

    New Berlin, NY