Wells Horton (wells-horton)

Home is in central upstate New York. Latest project is Photo a Day. Share a photo everyday which was taken on that day. It is pushing me to take a second look at things. Landscapes, waterfalls, friends, and family are my photographic challenges. Photography is a passion since all to long ago in high school. For most of my working life large format photography was my goal, yet the past 15 years in digital photography has me thinking differently. Learning and growing with a camera.
Wells Horton
Sherburne, NY
  • July 31 - Brookfield State Lands

    Most of the very small streams had nearly no flow until this morning dropped half an inch of rain.

  • July 30 - Tinker Falls

    New York Department of Environmental Conservation along with the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) just completed a major upgrade to the trail leading up the falls. Great job!

  • July 27

    Whitetail Deer

  • July 21

    Cormorants on Lake Champlain

  • July 25 - Lake Champlain

    Looking towards Vermont from the New York Side of Lake Champlain.

  • July 24 - Lake Champlain

    Using a 10 stop neutral density filter to catch the wave action against the rocks.

  • July 23 - Ausable Marsh meeting Lake Champlain

    Dawn where Ausable Marsh meets Lake Champlain

  • July 22 - Lake Champlain at Dawn

    Looking eastward towards Vermont from the New York State side of Lake Champlain. Taken from Willsboro Point.

  • July 19 - Rome, NY

    Along the Erie Canal where the water flows from the Mohawk River.

  • July 18 - Cows in the Fog

    Out for other reasons than photographing this beautiful, fog filled morning. Here's the dairy farm up my road about 1/3 mile.

  • July 16 - Morning Fog

    This morning the fog highlighted the contours of Columbus

  • July 15

    Waterfall in the Brookfield State Lands

  • July 14 - Daylily

    What to photograph? Just prior to photographing this I missed the opportunity to photograph a fisher. Got a great look but it was gone before the camera could be grabbed.

  • July 13

    A stream in the Brookfield State Lands. Doing some stream walking today.

  • July 12 - Dawn in Columbus

    Up early this morning hoping to photograph the setting moon. Did manage to see the moon fade into the clouds. Here is the Columbus Dawn.

  • July 11 - Sunset lighting a local barn

    This is one of my favorite barns to photograph. It's close and there are many great perspectives to capture the beauty in changing light.

  • July 10 - Rabbit

    Headed out late today to capture my photo for the day. Before I left my yard a model appeared. This has been a year filled with rabbits. I've seen more rabbits this year than in the past 27 years.


    Taken from the road I live on.

  • Yatesville Falls

    south of the Mohawk Valley in Eastern New York State

  • July 7 - The Leaving Storm

    I have photographed this barn countless times and each time it's so very different due to the every changing light.

  • July 4

    Fireworks in Sherburne, NY with some in camera work.

  • July 3

    Wild weather today with lots of damage in Poolville, NY and the surrounding area. Many without power with roads still being cleared of fallen trees. Columbus missed the high winds. Columbus Hill Road around the "block" from my place.



  • July 1 - The Approaching Storm

    Taken from my "former" deck at home... To tell the truth the deck is still there.


    For the last day of June it's a big sundown. Photo not cropped.

  • June 26 - Stream Walking

    Headwaters of Shawler Brook in the Brookfield State Lands

  • June 23

    Half mile from home.


    Barn in New Berlin, NY

  • June 20

    Paddling along the Hudson River at Norrie Point.

  • June 18

    A couple of days ago this was barely a trickle. Storms over the past few nights have dropped about 3 inches of rain. The trickles are now running. Brookfield State Lands.

  • June 17 - Sterling Nature Center

    Traveled to the Sterling Nature Center along Lake Ontario today. Song sparrow at the heron rookery.

  • June 16

    Canoed into Nelson Lake near Old Forge in the Adirondacks today. Around the edges of the lake were pitcher plants in flower. It's about a third of a mile portage into the put-in location along the Middle Branch of the Moose River.

  • Sherburne, New York

    Farm Pond in my hometown

  • June 15

    Sheburne, NY

  • June 13

    Truck Trail 7 in the State Lands on this misty rainy day.

  • June 11

    Trickle of a stream this evening in the Brookfield State Lands

  • June 10

    The day started with low clouds and fog here in Columbus

  • June 9

    Brookfield State Lands. Misty day with the ferns fully out. Earlier in the spring I checked these woods and the ferns had yet to unfurl resulting in not much green.

  • June 8

    Near New Turnpike Road in Columbus just around sunset. There was little interesting color in he sky but I found the clouds interesting with the calm pond.

  • June 7

    Outlet to Lost Pond Falls in the Brookfield State Lands.

  • June 6

    Quaker Hill Cemetery in the Brookfield State Lands.